If you are greedy, be good!


Build in purpose. Build trust.

Why align to purpose?

In the hyper-connected world, the lack of alignment of purpose to the end experience can threaten the very survival of a brand.

The potential “price” to be paid for a brand lacking authenticity and social relevance is a direct one that today potentially threatens the bottom line.
In the chase for exponential and constant growth, brands often get out of alignment in how they “speak” and “act,” from what the original purpose may have been. This has a direct impact on its resonance with those for whom they were originally designed to exist – customers, teams and society at large, rather than just being a self serving machine with no visible purpose!

Writing on the wall: If you are greedy, BE good! Not just building trust, but being actually trustworthy and keeping the trust placed in the brand authentically gains priority in how a brand engages, behaves and expresses itself. “Evidenced conversations” and authentic storytelling or expression are in many ways harder. They are also more time consuming and expensive than just buying up space that allows one to say what one likes – whether or not it’s true!

Easier said than done?

Today most brands have the right insights – that they need to build a) trust with those they have greatest relevance to, b) authenticity of purpose, c) social relevance to build more endurance and not be threatened by the next disruption or innovation.

However, many of them are still searching for the right manner in which to act on those insights! In the cognitive model, it is well known that the individual brain cannot think, listen, speak and act at the same time. So it is with the “collective consciousness” of the organization that the brand represents – in fact even more so than it would be with individuals.

The new mantra is do more, say less. Make sure your “tribes” have platforms to spread the good word FOR you, in turn building larger “tribes” – rather than speaking for yourself.

In the age of “cacophonic selling”, the audience now want to be heard more than hear. They want to be trusted before they trust. They want to experience the brand not just by authentic expression, but also action! Digital makes us more hyper-connected, making building trust more important than ever. Listening is the new speaking!

Humanizing your brand voice

In terms of what you say, increasingly “less is more”. Like in person to person conversation, you don’t need to say a lot or very loudly to make an impact. You just need make your dialogue more meaningful, relevant and engaging, for it to be recalled or repeated (preferably both). This really calls for better listening skills.The same is with the brand to make sure they “act in their purpose.”

The need of the hour is to have two- way conversations, not one-way campaigns.

Excerpts from interview on Cision (read full interview)